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Venue - Polyvalent Hall

Written by  Monday, 03 August 2015 00:00

Hello TattooFest Iasi fans!

As we're all waiting for this international event to take place once again, our regard, as well as yours,  goes to the same one unique thing, that celebrates the world collective work of tattoo artists every year, bringing us all together under the same roof: International TattooFest Iasi 2019, that is the 10th Edition of the  International Tattoo Festival in the City of 7 hills.

What you don’t know is that this time the event will be held between 15-17 of March 2019, in Polyvalent Hall of the distinguishable Polyvalent Hall.

As you’re used to, year by year we persist to organize International TattooFest Iasi in a flawless manner, so that to influence the general public regarding this fashion, otherwise turned into a liberating groove in other parts of the world, and on the other hand, to offer you a first class show at the end of those 3 days of work and buzz.

This year we’ll also revive the easel painting contest and prove once again which one is the hardest to color: the paper, or the skin.

So stay tuned, tattoo lovers. Get your tattoo drawings ready and keep in mind that here's the only place you can meet true international artists in this field, and get a tattoo straight out of their hands.

We welcome everyone to subscribe to our tattoo convention in Iasi, so that we sustain this trend we like!